The Way
It Should Be.

Shober Consulting


Amid the relentless growth that has characterized the landscape of Southern California over the last several decades, informed and sensitive problem solvers have often made the difference between upheaval and true progress. The partners in Shober Consulting have been at the forefront of housing and land use experts for over 30 years, supporting responsible development and helping to mitigate the human cost that can be incurred in even the most positive kinds of change.

Multifaceted Management

Our firm knows Los Angeles and Southern California geographically, sociologically, economically and politically, and we bring this advantage to bear on planning, analysis and field work in right-of-way and real estate development projects.

Shober Consulting carries out projects related to relocation and property management with its own staff, and has breadth and depth of experience working in partnership with...

In being the leading relocation consulting firm, we are involved in many extensive relocation projects. These are a few of the large projects we managed.

In the 30 years that Bob Shober has worked as a consultant in relocation and other right of way projects, he and his teams have personally relocated over 12,000...

The team of relocation experts at Shober Consulting are experienced professionals who are committed to efficiency and excellence yet preserve the personalization and...

We are one of the most experienced relocation firms in Southern California.

For more than 15 years, we have provided planning and relocation consulting services for public agencies, private developers and non-profit organizations in a great variety of large and small projects throughout the region. In doing so, we have developed a reputation for on-time, on-budget projects that pass audits at every level and are completed without appeals or other legal problems.

Extraordinarily Experienced

As a lean, extraordinarily experienced partnership, Shober Consulting is designed to emphasize responsiveness, cost-effectiveness and respect for people at all levels of redevelopment and right-of-way projects. On behalf of our clients, we provide support that is carefully geared to the individual needs of people being displaced, and we extend outstanding personal attention to those who are disabled or elderly. The communications we produce are specifically designed to meet the needs of a given client and project.

Bilingual Consulting

Shober Consulting has a high proportion of bilingual consultants whose collective fluency extends from Spanish to Korean, Russian and Armenian. As a group we are particularly skilled at participating in community meetings and public hearings, as well as in communicating with the media.

Highest Business Ethics

Our voice amid the complex proceedings of acquisition, relocation and related processes is calm, informed and confidence-inspiring. With an emphasis on the highest business ethics together with a passion for providing cities, counties, agencies and private firms with creative, pragmatic strategies, Shober Consulting offers relocation the way it should be.