Shober Consulting Selected Projects

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

From 2002 to the present, Shober Consulting has assisted the LAUSD in its ongoing construction of new schools, providing relocation services for nine separate projects totaling over 400 cases. Currently involved in Phase III of the ambitious project, our company is the only participating firm that has had no cases appealed. Our growing caseload for the LAUSD reflects our success in completing cases ahead of schedule, below financial estimates, and with an industry-leading rate of converting tenants into first-time homeowners.

AIMCO (the largest apartment REIT in the United States)

Beginning in 2004, Shober Consulting provided Ellis Act-related relocation assistance for over 400 displaced tenants in apartment buildings on the 43-acre Lincoln Place project in Venice, California. This is the largest California relocation project under the Ellis Act. Our assistance, which involved detailed personal attention to a large elderly and disabled population, extended to custom-designed communications, public outreach and participation in public hearings.

Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) of the City of Los Angeles

The CRA is a long-term client of Shober Consulting. We have carried out six separate projects since 2001, including the Manchester/Vermont Commercial Project, the revived Broadway/Manchester Commercial Project, which will include 45 commercial cases, and the La Salle Hotel Project, which involved relocating the population of a residential hotel in San Pedro. For the CRA’s harbor project area, we are relocating 10 businesses in a redevelopment site for the Union Ice Project. We recently completed the 2006 Citywide Affordable Housing Rental Survey for the CRA, which explored the downtown Skid Row residential hotels and SROs. Shober Consulting is also currently working on the Marlton Square/Santa Barbara Plaza Project in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles, an ambitious redevelopment that is relocating over 150 businesses.

Community Corps of Santa Monica (CCSM)

From 2004 to the present, Shober Consulting has worked on various relocation projects with this city-owned housing agency, which owns, manages and develops over 1100 units in Santa Monica. Our work has encompassed assistance with a complex web of issues, including strict rent control ordinances, demolition restrictions, and affordable housing restraints for a diverse, elderly and low-income population.

Aqua Vista Project

In Studio City, where the pace of condominium conversion has exacerbated the political climate behind redevelopment projects, Shober Consulting implemented a highly successful relocation program for 70 households in three apartment buildings on Aqua Vista Street. By carefully surveying tenant needs and working individually with tenants who were elderly, disabled or financially challenged, we were able to get 100 percent signup for a voluntary program that maximized tenant benefits and relocated households in a timely but gradual manner.