Shober Consulting Team

From start to finish, we are the best team of experts to complete your relocation project.

The team of relocation experts at Shober Consulting are experienced professionals who are committed to efficiency and excellence yet preserve the personalization and home-town touch to details in every project.  The Partners have a combined 55 years of experience in relocation and related right-of-way services. We engage not only in supervision, but also to an important degree in front-line field work, where a senior level of expertise fosters cooperation and moves projects swiftly toward completion.


Bob ShoberBob Shober, Managing Partner

As the founder of Shober Consulting, Inc., Bob brings to projects 30 years of experience in business and residential relocation projects.  He is one of the leading experts in all aspects of state and federally funded relocation projects in Southern California.  Among the cities Bob has worked for are:  Los Angeles, Downey, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Inglewood, Signal Hill, Pasadena, Glendale, Bell Gardens, Riverside, San Bernardino, Long Beach, El Monte, Thousand Oaks and Commerce.  Starting in 1977, Bob personally guided the relocation efforts for some of the most impressive redevelopment projects undertaken in Southern California, including the World Trade Center in Long Beach, the Glendale Galleria Project and Santa Monica Place Shopping Center.  Bob has been a noted expert in the field of relocation consulting ever since.  He has served on the state of California’s Housing and Community Development Department’s Committee to review and modify the state’s relocation guidelines.  He has served as a witness in court hearings concerning eminent domain issues and he has taught various Right-of-Way and redevelopment seminars.Bob is equally comfortable at the highest managerial levels of relocation work—dealing with city, county and agency officials, as well as with private company representatives—and at the day-to-day caseload work.  He served as Project Manager for three separate phases of Shober Consulting’s work in the Los Angeles Unified School District’s construction program, personally relocating over 200 cases, assisting in various community outreach functions, and focusing on first-time home-buyer opportunities for tenants.  He has also served as project leader and primary consultant for 12 different projects for the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles.  He has served as Ombudsman for the Los Angeles World Airport’s (LAWA) Voluntary Acquisition and Relocation Program near the airport and currently oversees the firm's full service relocation assistance for LAWA under a multi-year contract.  He recently worked for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in relocating several Santa Monica businesses which needed to be relocated prior to the extension of the Expo Phase II Light Rail into Santa Monica.  




Virginia CampbellVirginia Campbell, Partner

Virginia brought 25 years of experience in writing, editing and consulting to her work as Director of Communications for Shober Consulting when she joined the firm in 2005.  She also brought experience in residential relocation casework, and continued to work actively on relocation projects, which has enhanced the effectiveness of her communications work for the firm.  She now has a decade of practical experience in project field work—interviewing, explaining benefits, maintaining case files, calculating benefits, coordinating moves, etc.  She has mastered the details of both the California and federal laws and guidelines for relocation and has an understanding of eminent domain in terms of regulation and practice.  Having begun her career at the renowned think tank The RAND Corporation, working on strategic, logistical and high technology projects for the Air Force in RAND’s Santa Monica headquarters as well as at the Pentagon, Virginia developed early on an ability to communicate complicated matters in straightforward language within a helpful format, and to coordinate activities efficiently within a complex organization.  Her subsequent experience as a consultant in management communications at the international consulting firm Towers, Perrin expanded her familiarity with business operations.  This combined communications and relocation background allows Virginia to serve as a highly flexible consultant who can move quickly into a project as needed.   




Martha Victoria, Senior Relocation Consultant and Project Manager

Martha is the Regional Director in Orange County and Senior Project Manager for Shober Consulting.  She manages and consults on projects in all of the firm's operational areas.  Martha's expertise extends from project management and quality control to individual casework in relocation and property management.  In areas such as the cities of Hollywood, Riverside, Downey, Bell Gardens, El Monte and Costa Mesa as well as Los Angeles, she has personally handled over 1,241 residential relocation cases, since joining the team in 2006, for public and private projects, carrying out every phase of the process from interviewing displaced people and explaining relocation and relocation benefits to coordinating final moves.She has worked on major projects for the Los Angeles World Airports, where she has served as primary consultant.  Her in-depth knowledge of state and federal regulations and guidelines has made her a valuable quality control manager within the firm.  Martha’s extensive expertise in property management includes maintenance crew supervision, property inspection, contractor hiring, tenant approval, contracts, and building maintenance supply. Before bringing relocation consulting into her fields of expertise, Martha worked for five years in the area of property management for the Long Beach firm Pabst Kinney and Associates.  Martha was born and educated in Colombia and speaks fluent Spanish as well as English. 




Ingrid Powell, Office / Project Manager

Ingrid Powell brought nineteen years of administrative experience to SCI when she joined the firm in 2009.  With first-rate verbal, written and technological communication skills and fluency in English and Spanish, she provides effective, informed administrative support to SCI's consultants and responsive communication with SCI's clients.  Ingrid's advanced computer skills facilitate the firm's development and communication of forms, files and documents.  Her comprehension of relocation consulting issues, including the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, allows her to coordinate the flow of information within the company and between the company and our clients with particular effectiveness.  Her interpersonal skills add significantly to her role as a day-to-day liaison on project activities. Ingrid has worked on many projects, including recent projects in Santa Monica, Venice, skid row developments in downtown Los Angeles, etc.  As Project Manager, she has recently completed the relocation services for over 180 residential units in Chula Vista.